Beer Pricing

Research, UX, Wireframing and UI

About the feature

This was a page within an entire dashboard. Meant to help the venue keep track of their price trends in comparison to similar businesses int the area.
This feature was originally used in a monthly report that was sent out to business owners, but we revamped it to offer more value.

Scope of the project

Originally this place displayed beer categories and compared a specific venue to others in its area to see how they compare. The categorisation though was just something the brewery used to categorise its beers and gave bar owners little value.

Where we began

We had two problems we wanted to solve.

The first, the beer brewery categorised different beer brands within price categories. This allowed them to decide the price range for each beer, which is premium and which is value. However, this gave no value to the bar owners who sold specific brands, and the categorisation was of no use to them.

The second, in the past, owners would go to competitors and actually look at menus to understand the competitions pricing because this information was not available to them in any other way.

Despite the fact that the bar owners didn’t know or use the brand categorisation, the price page was based on those categories and not specific brands.

Solutions and challenges

Yearly view, shows the current year, and offers a prediction based on the month.

The graph view allows the user to see its revenue for the previous year while showing its prediction for the coming months.
In the case that the month has already passed it will show the actual earnings for that month.

Users who tested found this view useful for their yearly planning, setting up goals and figuring out which time of the year they can boost their profits, as well as set into place promotions.