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About Jamroom

Jamroom is a mobile platform that helps bands find rehearsal spaces to practice and play music. The platform allows the band members to find location based rehearsal spaces, add ratings and even sync between band members schedules allowing them to easily book through the site.

Scope of the project

The founders were musicians who experienced the true pain, and were in close contact with many of the rehearsal spaces in the country who were our two major users. We held weekly meetings where we would scope out another page or function of the app, and then I would work to wireframe and design it.

Sketching & Wire-framing

Knowing our users was one thing and having an overall vision was great! But it was time to start delving into details.

During meetings, I would draw sketches to help us learn the functionalities and layouts to understand flows and functionalities.

It was a lot of trial and error as we went along, learning the right design patterns. We referenced websites and apps such as airbnb and many different travel booking agencies and sites to learn what we can adopt.

After a brainstorm meeting, I began to draw things on the screen, referencing the drawings and notes I made.

The turnaround was fast, weekly if not even in a few days, I would continue to improve the wireframes when as the process went on. Gaining perspective as to layout, often improving my initial thoughts.

I was continuously questioning ideas and decisions, which led me to continue searching for better patterns and functionality.

Band Profile Flow Chart


There are several ways to search around the site. Simply tell the app where you want to go, and it will list studios in the area based on popularity, availability, suggestions or ones you have visited in the past.

Easily select one from the list to display the studios profile.

After clicking on a suggestion or searching for a specific venue, the venue page with pictures, videos and all the detailed information will load up

Want to search by location? No problem! Just view the map with the pin-drops, the relevant results will appear on the bottom of the screen.

Click book now for quick booking, or click the row to see more details in the profile view.

The bigger issue was always when rather than where to practice.

We wanted to allow band members to sync their calendars and then help them find the best dates for rehearsals.

Once they knew when, it was easy to find venues available in those time slots.