Global Search

UX and Wire-framing | UI brand alignment

About Global Search

Enables users to search different types of data and metadata. It serves the entire recording system. Used by supervisors, agents, senior agents, auditors (QM), and analysts to perform various tasks such as quality assurance, auditing and handling disputes.

Scope of the project

I began to work on this project when there was already a wireframe in place.
My role here was to maximize size of the data heavy grid on the screen.
Later on, I added several features such as Save Queries, Column configuration and highliting searched data.


Removing the global side bar

The search grid can display about 40 or more columns, making it very data heavy.
We wanted to maximize the size of the grid to maximize the data displayed to the user.

We removed the side navigation panel, allowing us to expand the grid.

We kept the navigation in the same location to keep consistent with other apps suite that share a navigation panel.

Search Features

Adding a filter panel

Another challenge we overcame was finding a way to integrate a facet panel.

A handle that opens up the panel and pushed the grid over was created.

This allows the user to maximise the space when not needed yet work with the panel side by side when necessary to filter.

Column Configuration

The search is the most central used by different users to seek data.

The table is data heavy with a possibility of over 40 data columns, we wanted to allow the personalize the information to suit their needs.

We did not have a general settings area at the time so finding an optimal location to launch the configuration tool was tricky.

Multi-select entities from the ‘available filter’ list to add to the ‘viewable field’ list.

Once there the user is able to prioritise the order they show up.
The very top entities are fixed, not removable or movable.

Favorite Queries

Challenge was finding a way to allow users to easily reuse same queries on a regular basis.

Save queries allows the user to save the queries most often used and access them easily upon entering the work space.

Queries show up in the home page, just a click away from the content.

In the table state, they show up right next to the search bar, allowing the user to easily edit, add, remove or access queries.

Highlight search results

When searching key words, often the data is in a hidden column which needs to be scrolled or in a tool tip.

Using the book marks on the edge of the grid indicated to the user that the seeked data is available.